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Effortlessly tokenize your assets with NFTs with
powerful social gamification tools to engage your fans.
Zero coding required.

Create your NFT starting as low as 3$.*

* price may vary upon Polygon network availability

No code required!

One click does it all

Our proprietary NFT builder is easy to use, with just a few clicks... simply add your artwork, video. No code required!

Sell the NFTs, or distribute them for free as a brand engagement campaign.

Our NFT solidity smart contracts passed security audits and are safe to use. They’re built on Polygon (Matic) making them fast, cheap and environmentally friendly.

NFT what ?

Non-fungible tokens explained in 60 words

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a type of digital asset that represents ownership of a unique item or asset. They can be linked to physical or digital assets.

These NFTs live on the blockchain, guaranteeing transparency, verifiability, ownership and transferability.

NFTs can also host a variety of rights, coded into the smart contract that governs the NFT...

Connect to web

Add an NFT drop to your campaigns

Define your campaign

Release your NFT for Free or set up a minimum price in our campaign creator

Activate required actions to access the NFT drop (follow on social media....)

Release your campaign

Yootribe provide ready-to-use templates or API to give you the possibility of fine-tuning the integration in your system.

Export a list of all users registrations whenever you wish.

Let's all get wallets

One click does it all

Your main audience does not have any wallet yet?, Yootribe provides a Wallet to host your NFT's.

With standard bridge protocol, your NFT's can be transfered to any other wallet afterwards.

Need help to jump into web3

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  • Stategy - our team has over 20 years of deep industry experience in digital marketing to help define what is best for you now, and in the future

  • Design - Web3 has specificities you need to grasp. Our designers know how to adapt your communication to Web3 requirements

  • Followup - Data analysis is key. Agility and adaptation is vital in Web3. We don't just deliver a project, we partner and make it a success with you


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